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Saudi Arabia sets rules for Hiring Domestic Workers

The Ministry of Labor & Social Development (MSLD) approved a set of rules to follow for the citizens and expats, who want to recruit domestic workers as per the report published in Arab News.

Saudi citizens can hire a house worker or drivers, if they have a bank balance of 35,000 Saudi Riyals, while expats can hire, if they have a monthly salary of more than 10,000 Saudi Riyals.

- Before you get visa approval to hire domestic workers or drivers, Ministry of Labor will verify your financial position and according to it your application can be approved or rejected.

- If the contract of the domestic worker is more than 18 months with the applicant then the Ministry can provide them additional two visas. The applicants with 5 year cards would be treated accordingly with conditions set to the local individuals. 

- Married Saudi citizens can get a maximum of 3 domestic workers visas including one male worker. House worker can be male or female for house work, personal driver, baby sitter, male cook, female cook, waiter, nurses male or female.

- Additional 5000 Saudi Riyals financial ability should be ensured after the first visa with 35,000 Saudi Riyals bank balance, On the 5th visa of domestic worker or driver the bank balance of citizens should be 500,000 Saudi Riyals.

- Male and married female expats with salaries more than 10,000 Saudi Riyals can hire house worker under their own sponsorship, In case of bachelor one house worker can be recruited in the job categories of female house worker, private driver or baby sitter.

- More than 605 offices registered in the 'Musanid' house worker program having 61,411 beneficiaries from the Musanid portal. 

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