How To Apply: U.S. Visit Visa From Saudi Arabia

The U.S.A. offers a very lucrative life to many. It is easily considered the dream place for universities, jobs and even a good vacation with impeccable scenic beauty. However, getting a U.S. visit visa is considered quite difficult and many get rejected for the visa. Here is the legal procedure to follow if you aim to acquire a U.S. visit visa (B1/B2)


Form DS-160

You acquire and fill out a detailed DS-160 form online. Remember the form is very lengthy and demand specific and detailed information so be prepared with all the necessary documentation. You need to provide your complete personal information and a photograph will be needed as per specific guidelines. You can find out all about these details on the state government website. Once the form is filled and the photograph is uploaded, review the form carefully and verify if all the information is correct.

Pay Visa Fee

You can pay the visa fee online at the CGI website. You will be required to fill a similar form on the CGI website and once you’re done you will be receiving a confirmation email. Take a print out of this online confirmation, then take it to any bank and pay the visa fee. Take down the CGI reference number carefully as it is an important requirement while paying the visa fee at the bank.

Visa Fee Payment

Now head to a SAMBA bank and deposit your visa fee of 608 Saudi Riyal ($160). This deposit can only be made at a SAMBA bank and is non-refundable. Paying the visa fee doesn’t guarantee the visa approval, you may still get rejected after the interview for which the fee cannot be returned. The Bank will ask you to fill out a carbon paper, here you will need to put down the CGI reference number.

The Appointment

You can check the CGI website for fee confirmation after 24-hours of fee payment. Now, you can choose a preferred time and date for the appointment. Here’s a list of documents that you should be prepared with:

  1. DS-160 form confirmation page including barcode confirmation number.
  2. 5cm X 5cm photograph with white background.
  3. Current and previous passports if any.
  4. Offer letter from employer in case of a job-related visit.
  5. Bank statement of the last 6 months.

Be prepared thoroughly a day in advance. Arrive half an hour hourly and be presentable. Bag and purses are not allowed, please also don’t carry your mobile phone along. Make sure you have checked a few FAQs at the visa interview to prepare for all the questions that the interviewer may ask. Your documents will be looked at and then the interviewer will ask you certain questions basis which your visa will be approved/rejected.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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