Saudi: One Year Jail And SAR 500,000 Fine For Taking Videos/Photos Of Bride During A Wedding

According to the legal experts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, taking videos or photos of a bride during a wedding, or a party where only women are present, anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered a violation of privacy and is a serious criminal offense. This offense is punishable by law with a prison sentence of one year and fine of SAR 500,000.


As stated by a lawyer, Ibrahim Zamzami while speaking to the media, even if the picture/video is taken unintentionally and/or the women have come into the frame accidentally, the punishment and fine still remain the same. He added that this has been made a legal issue since women can get blackmailed by people with the wrong intentions who also have access to the content shared on social media channels.
A woman recounted that on her daughter’s wedding she could not control the guest from clicking pictures during the wedding and the entire wedding parade was published on Snapchat. Several wedding halls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have banned the entry of mobile phones.
The people of Saudi live humble and conservative lives and don’t appreciate invasion of personal space and privacy at all.


Author: Tanya Michael   

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