Don’t Do THIS in UAE or Other GCC States! If You Caught You Will Face Fine, jail, deportation and GCC-wide Ban!

As more and more couples in the GCC are testing the waters before jumping head first into the sea of marriage, XPRESS explores the dangers lurking behind live-in relationships.

You may be doing it to save money, you may be doing it out of love, or blindly and unknowingly… whatever the reason, sharing a roof with an unrelated person of the opposite sex can spell disaster in the GCC.


With a Sharia law that strictly punishes unmarried people living in the same house, and an international population used to living as per the rules in their own countries, the blend of different traditions and cultures often leads to uninformed decisions, some of which end in tears and tribulation.

The Sharia law prohibits two unmarried and unrelated persons from the opposite sex living together.

1. Living Together while Unmarried in Qatar
2. Living Together in Dubai
3. Living Together in Saudi Arabia
4. Punishment for adultery in Qatar
5. Living Together in Kuwait

Living Together while Unmarried in Qatar

While many unmarried couples do live together in QATAR, this is technically against the law as it is a Muslim country. Men and women are not permitted to share a home unless they are legally married or are related to each other.

This applies to friends, house or flat mates as well and not just couples.

Unless you are being investigated for another crime or your neighbours call the police because of your rowdy house party, it is probably unlikely that the police would arrest you for ‘living in sin’ in Qatar.

If your housing is being provided by your employer, they may not look too favourably upon unwed couples living together since as your sponsors, they are legally responsible for your being here in QATAR. You may want to keep this in mind before inviting your boyfriend to live with you.

Be especially careful about co-habiting, whether in a romantic or roommate capacity, with anyone of the opposite gender if they are separated, but not legally divorced. In the eyes of the law, they are still married and they could be charged with adultery which is a much higher offense in QATAR.

Although we enjoy many freedoms in QATAR, we should not lose sight of the fact that we are living in a Muslim country and we should try to respect their culture and laws.

Living Together in Dubai

livingtogetherin Dubai

In a live-in relationship, a man and a woman live together under a single roof as couples, without being legally married to each other. Dubai, being a Muslim state, is strict in its moral and ethical code. The laws here are very different from those in western countries, and if you wish to live and work in UAE, you need to be very careful when it comes to your behaviour.

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