10 Photos That Will Make You Believe In Gold Diggers

Does everyone have Kanye’s beat and Jamie Foxx’s Ray Charles impersonation running through their heads right now? Some people might think that being a Golddigger is a bit of a myth, after all how could one person be so underhanded that they would be with another person just for the sake of getting a few dollars? Certainly no one would be that devious, would they?


Good, now since it is the season of giving, it’s time to take a look at the rich men and women who love to give…and give and give and give some more to their significant others who seemingly have no issue with taking, and taking, and taking. Through better and worse, these gold diggers have found a way to get a whole lot of moolah during and after their relationships have ended.

So grab your Louis Vitton and your Benz and get ready to read about the real-life versions of the girls and guys Kanye was singing about. Pick up a few pointers on how you too could nab yourself a whale or just be appalled at some of their antics. Here Are 15 Photos That Will Make You Believe In Golddiggers.

10. Anna Nicole Smith – OG Gold digger

When it comes to the art of Gold digging, few if any bombshells have done it better than the late buxom goddess, Anna Nicole Smith. Which, before she went downhill, she certainly was lauded after by throngs of fans and multitudes of men.

The Texas beauty came to the public in the early nineties thanks to the pages of Playboy (of course), and then got signed to be a Guess model. She was the quintessential early-nineties hottie; a beautiful throwback to Marilyn Monroe with some dangerous curves. Before she became famous and way before she became infamous, she was born Vicky Lynn Hogan and had met oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II while she was a stripper. The rest of the story is the stuff of gold digging legend.

The pair married, she didn’t live with him, or even consummate the marriage, and maybe kissed him on the lips ten times. But despite how it all looked, she proclaimed her love for the oil Barron and after a lengthy court battle, her own estate was eventually awarded approximately 450 million; which now will go to her daughter.

9. Cathy Schmitz – Young Enough To Be A Granddaughter Gold Digger

It must be weird for some of the children and grandchildren of some of these rich guys when they start marrying wives number three, four, and sometimes five, and the new step mommy is either is within your age range or younger. It also has to do some damage to you emotionally when your new mom is a Playboy model as well.

When Austrian billionaire, Richard Lugner (82 years old) married 25-year-old Cathy Schmitz in September 2014, it was marriage number five for Mr. Moneybags. She must be something fierce, because the guy had no interest in being married again and told iTV’s “This Morning” “Ladies are very dangerous – to be married is dangerous. But I like to fight with the young ladies. It’s better for me.” Lugner has even once paid Kim Kardashian half a mil’ to be his date at Vienna’s Opera Ball in 2013.

Considering he knows what he’s in for, should anyone feel sorry for him? After all, Schmitz does claim that she actually loves the guy.

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