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Guide to Buying the Perfect Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

When it's finally time to propose to your special someone, you need to find the perfect ring that will make a difference. And, if you're someone who loves to go big on milestones, you might want to consider a halo ring.

Halo rings are breathtaking and come in a variety of styles. Some of the distinctive characteristics of these rings include:

•    They make your center stone appear bigger
•    They enhance your center-stone protection
•    More cost-effective
•    It expresses a great desire for glitz and glamour
•    The more the diamonds, the extra the sparkle
•    They are retro and provide a modern a timeless alternative to the vintage engagement rings

That said, some of the tips to look out for when choosing the perfect halo diamond engagement ring include:

1. Workmanship

When choosing the perfect halo diamond engagement ring, you want to consider its craftsmanship. That entails things such as; well-matched diamonds, correctly crafted prongs, neatly set diamonds, good shank consistency, and proper finishing of its surface, and so on.

Halo rings with good workmanship will last you a long time and appear better looking than one that has not been crafted to perfection. Do not be afraid to look at the rings close up, even online, since this will show you how it looks.

2. Does the halo setting protect the ring's center stone?

The answer is yes! The setting will keep its center from frequent wear and tear. By protecting your ring's center stone, you preserve its value. That means that the halo ring will be less vulnerable to damage since the halo is guarding it.

You might want to consider a double halo engagement ring.

3. Correct matching

When buying the perfect halo diamond engagement ring, you want to do some color-matching. You can match the center stone's color to that of the diamonds used in the setting. That helps to create a more blended appearance. And not have just the body color of the center stone popping.

If you're not familiar with this, you can always seek help from the online store's customer service team, who will help you make the best decision for your fiancée's halo engagement ring. 

4. Adding brilliance and sparkle

A halo setting holds more sparkle than most other engagement rings. That is because the tiny accent surrounding your center stone will add this, reflecting light through it. That creates glitter for your piece.

For added elegance, you can choose a hidden halo. That appears beneath the center stone and will only get seen from the side view. The reflected light will have a shimmering effect on the ring.

Wrapping things up

When buying a diamond halo engagement ring online, you may want to follow the steps mentioned above. These will help you make the perfect choice with your ring. Additionally, do some research to ensure that you settle for an online store that safeguards your private information, has favorable return or exchange policies, offers outstanding customer service, reasonable lead times, and high-quality pieces.

All the best in your search!

Author: Digital Solutions   

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