10 Rules (And Dietary Restrictions) Kim K Made Her Surrogate Follow

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West–Kimye to their fans–are quickly becoming theHollywood power couple, thanks to his successful music career and her reality TV stardom, as well as viral Instagram pics.


To be fair, there is much more to Kim than her infamous posterior. She is now the head of her own business empire, including everything from producer credits on the TV show which first made her famous, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, to clothing lines, mobile apps, perfumes, and lucrative endorsement deals.

The Kimye family has become an important part of this business empire, with daughter North and son Saint regularly seen sporting designer kiddie wear from their parent’s own line and even joining mom on trips to exclusive fashion shows and celebrity parties.

Now, the Kardashian-Wests have announced the birth of their third child, a second daughter named Chicago, who was born via a surrogate mother, after doctors warned Kim that a third pregnancy could put her health at risk. Kim made her surrogate follow some pretty strict instructions to earn her reported $45,000 fee to ensure that child number three was born healthy. Which rules would you be happy to follow to give birth to the next Kimye baby?

10. She Had To Deliver The Baby At Cedar-Sinai Facility In L.A.

When a baby is being carried by a surrogate, who decides where the child is born? After all, while the baby’s health may be the only consideration for the biological mother, the surrogate has to take her own health into account. Early in Kim’s surrogate pregnancies, there were rumors that the two women had different ideas about where baby West was going to be born. In the end, Kim won the day (obviously), with Chicago eventually being delivered at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai facility in Los Angeles, where Kim had given birth to her two previous children.

9. Kim Had To Be In The Delivery Room (And Be The First To Hold Her Daughter)

Almost as important as where the birth takes place is how the birth takes place. These days, birth plans can be as complicated as wedding plans—drugs or no drugs, water births, and birth partners. Consequently, there is a lot for prospective moms and surrogates to agree upon. One thing that Kim apparently insisted upon was being present at the birth of her daughter and to be the first one who held her, so that she could establish a bond with her new baby as soon as possible. Dad Kanye even joined the women in the birthing room soon afterwards, so that he could meet his new daughter.

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