Megan Fox Has A Lookalike And She’s Way Better (Just Look At These 15 Photos)

Celebrity lookalikes are all the rage in Hollywood these days, from people noticing that Jennifer Lawrence looks like a young Helen Mirren to MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch making a parody claymation match between Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt that ended with Sobieski wanting to become Hunt. Other famous celebrity lookalikes are Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, whose fans hilariously keep mistaking one for the other. Digging deeper on the internet will provide anyone access to many lists of all the other celebrity lookalikes, and it can be quite amusing. There are even speculations that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are long-lost sisters separated at birth. Not to mention Lizzy Caplan bears a striking resemblance to them, too!

On that note, Megan Fox of Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jennifer’s Body fame apparently has an alternate universe version of herself. Except she lives in the same universe yet looks like the spirit and image of the gorgeous bombshell. Meet Claudia Alende, the Brazilian Megan Fox who’s about seven years Fox’s junior. And she’s not just an ordinary babe — she’s pretty famous herself. It’s because of Alende’s beauty (and not necessarily her resemblance to Fox), her to-die-for figure (she’s a Miss Bum Bum runner-up with a bod that won’t quit), her figure-hugging dresses and her barely-there swimsuits that Alende amassed 10.3 million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, the verified Megan Fox Instagram has only 4.9 million followers. Miss Alende isn’t just a pretty face either, as evidenced by her opening her own clothing store brand at 18 years of age. Here are 15 photos of her that will make you wish she were the famous movie star.

10. Check Out Her Kim K Hips

Like her or hate her, Kim Kardashian and her scrumptious behind have become part of pop culture in the New Millennium and the New Tens. As far as the millennial generation is concerned, she’s a goddess that dethroned the millennial generation’s previous poster child, Paris Hilton. The current standards of sexiness and femininity have been defined by the likes of Kim K and Nicki Minaj. This is quite ironic because in places like Brazil, that beauty standard of having childbearing hips and a booty is the norm that Alende probably follows. As sung by the great orators of our time, Sir Mix-a-Lot, “I don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!” There’s something almost evolutionary about how attractive the female hips are as exemplified by the Miss Bum Bum runner-up’s hourglass hips and behind. Of course, Fox undeniably still has a lovely figure, but she definitely doesn’t look like she has hips as wide as Alende.

9. Alende Looks Amazing When She’s All Cleaned Up

On one hand, she’s certainly someone you’d love to see right after she has taken a bath, whether it’s because she looks like Megan Fox or because she’s simply hot. On the other hand, most hot girls look amazing after a bath. What makes Alende special? No, it’s not just that she looks like a Megan Fox who had just taken a bath. It’s also because she understands how to improve the original and make her own spin on it. Kind of like the billion-dollar blockbuster The Force Awakens and less like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Alende shows a side of her that would normally be reserved for her boyfriend. Or something that Brian Austin Green has seen himself, but not because he has cheated on his wife and has dated Alende behind her back. It’s just that Fox probably looks the exact same way after a bath as well.

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