Recent Photos Of Angelina Jolie Have People Worried

Angelina Jolie made a public appearance recently at the Girls Academic Leadership Academy with Loung Ung, a political activist from Cambodia. They were at the academy for the debut screening of the film that they made together entitled First They Killed My Father.

Jolie has lost so much weight since she broke up with Brad Pitt that it is frightening. She admits that the divorce from Pitt has taken a serious emotional toll on her. She says that it has been “the hardest time” and not something she wanted at all.


Three years ago, she had a double mastectomy because of the high-risk that she would contract cancer due to genetic problems she inherited from her mother. After a long arduous battle, her mother died of breast cancer. Jolie is also dealing Bell’s Palsy along with hypertension and has insomnia.

Both Enstarz and RadardOnline reported that the star of the recently released film The Breadwinner looked way too skinny at the premiere of that film in Los Angeles during October 2017.

Rumors that Pitt is planning to date the much younger Ella Purnell, who is only 21 years old, are making Jolie very upset. Jolie said, “The age gap is the biggest factor,” and that “she would be incredibly disappointed in Brad if he went down that road.”

The revelations about Harvey Weinstein, which were recently made public, have also affected Jolie because she had her own horrible experience with Weinstein. All the media attention about the Weinstein story could make her feel exhausted. She readily admits that she has trouble eating and sleeping properly when she is under heavy stress.

When Jolie was a teenager, she had to overcome anorexia, which put her in the hospital due to severe weight loss. Anorexia is a type of body dysphasia where a person sees themselves as “fat” when they look in the mirror, even though they are extremely thin in the eyes of others. Teen boys can get the disease; however, it usually affects mostly young women in their teens and early twenties. It can be life-threatening if the person is not able to force themselves to eat. Doctors resort to “tube-feeding” in the hospital as a last resort to prevent death from severe cases of anorexia.

All of her millions of fans hope she can find some way to feel calmer and not let the stress get the better of her. We wish she can start to enjoy eating “comfort foods,” which are things that make most people feel better, such as delicious ice cream, sweet cakes, and other tasty things that can help her put on some weight.

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