Secrets About Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s Relationship They’re Trying To Hide

BeyoncéJay-Z and Beyoncé have been one of the most mysterious celebrity couples to date. During the early stages of their relationship, the couple tried to keep their romance out of the spotlight. Only years after they started dating, did Jay-Z and Beyoncé acknowledge that they had been dating for as long as they had been. What’s especially interesting is that the two released love songs together before they officially went public as a couple. While they were recording together, the duo insisted that they were nothing more than friends, but nobody believed them.


Every relationship has its ups and downs, but Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been airing their dirty laundry for years through their music. They won’t open up to the press, but every so often, one of them will release a song hinting that they aren’t the happy couple living a life of paradise like their fans thought they were. Most recently, Beyoncé released her album “Lemonade” which revealed a number of problems that the couple was having. Without explicitly stating so, Beyoncé hinted that Jay-Z had been having an affair. A few months after the release of  “Lemonade,” Jay-Z released his highly-praised album “4:44” where he reflects on his life and relationship with Beyoncé. They’re the music industry’s most secretive couple and the only things we know about them are what’s expressed through their music. So, what are some of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s biggest secrets?

10. Beyoncé’s Miscarriages

Today, Beyoncé is the mother of three children. Though we may think that Beyoncé has had the perfect path to motherhood, it took her a very long time to give birth. The first time Beyoncé was pregnant was about two years before being pregnant with Blue Ivy, and unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage.

In the 2013 documentary Life Is But A Dream, Beyoncé revealed that the miscarriage was the hardest thing she had ever experienced. She says she heard the heartbeat of the child inside her and said that it was the most beautiful music she ever heard. She also said she was feeling very maternal, and pictured what her child would look like. Sadly, the child was never born, and she miscarried in the early stages of her pregnancy.

9. Why They Took Off Their Wedding Rings

In 2016, tabloid magazines noticed Jay-Z and Beyoncé were spotted without wearing their wedding rings. While Beyoncé was flaunted her $5 million diamond ring, she was repeatedly caught not wearing it by photographers. This lead many to speculate that the couple was on the verge of divorce. And, because of their albums “Lemonade” and “4:44,” it’s believable that the couple was about to split.

However, many people have speculated that the couple ditched their rings to get something that would be with them forever — a tattoo. In 2008, the couple each got a matching “IV” tattoos to symbolize the date of their wedding and birthdays. In 2014, Beyoncé was spotted with a band-aid over her ring finger which lead people to believe she had gotten the tattoo touched up. In one of Jay-Z’s songs, he mentions that the two were thinking of ditching their rings and that if they did, they’ll still have the tattoo to remind each other of their love.

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