The 11 Most Mind-Blowing Mystery Movies of All Time

There is no bigger mystery than "What is life, even?" but in case your own existential crisis isn't enough for you, you can always watch a mystery movie and indulge in some on-screen escapism. In an effort to find a film for everyone (do you like vintage noir? Cool. Camp? Cool cool, got that too), we've gathered 11 favorites that you simply can't go wrong with—and all of which have impressive plot twists so you can be all:


Released: 1985.

Starring: Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd.

If you haven't seen Clue, loved Clue, and dressed up like one of the characters from Clue for Halloween, you aren't living. The movie is dated, campy, and completely perfect—and the gold standard in the very niche "movies based on board games" genre.


Released: 1954.

Starring: James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

This evocative and truly timeless Alfred Hitchcock staple stars James Stewart as a newspaper photographer who witnesses a murder in his neighbor's window. Naturally, because why not, he goes about trying to solve the crime with the help of the one, the only, the real actress-turned-royal MVP, Grace Kelly.

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