The Most Beautiful Street Art Festivals Around the World

Art without boundaries.

Graffiti is a strange form of art. Previously considered as vandalism, it is now considered a cult art form, a method of expression. It has come a long way from kids mucking around with spray cans. Street art is all inclusive. It is art with no boundaries, it’s art that has broken the monotony of museums and stiff rules and spilled onto the streets.

Here are some of the best festivals all over the world that celebrate street art at its best.

1. Upfest Europe, Bristol

When: July 23-25


Upfest is a  multi-venue urban festival with the 1.3km stretch and is probably your best bet to check out the coolest talent in street art in Europe. The multi-venue urban setting has given the festival it’s transient feel, with visitors encouraged to explore and find whats around the next corner. Bristol is also home to the most popular street artist in the world, Banksy and Upfest does sweet justice to bit of history perfectly.


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Source: festivalsherpa

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