Why Love Fades Away and Getting Married Becomes a Mistake?

The write-up below is totally based on my personal opinion. The readers of this might have a different opinion and that is respected as well. This is not intended to hurt feelings and it's just a result of my personal experiences and views.


Growing up, I always thought love was something that we fall into easily but it fades away like anything as the time passes. I might not argue if love exists or it doesn't, but to the most part, I can convince you that the thing we assume as love is just an illusion and it fades as soon as we have it. It attains the saturation point in a 'flash' and you'll agree once you read this...

If you notice, 'Love is just a metaphor with a little romantic shit we mix'.

Okay, so being here on earth for around 21 years now and experiencing the personal surroundings, I am sure that no fucking power in the world can convince me that love is real and it can last forever.

Take parents for example; you think they love each other? Is it love holding them together? Or is it just a chain of responsibilities they are tied to or maybe something else (not love for sure). Haven't you noticed them regretting the idea of getting married and then having kids? 

Now, they just seem bound by the rules of society and don't have any other option but to live the rest of their lives together. This way, they probably won't regularly regret the decision of getting married for the rest of their lives, but they will always know that their lives could have been much better if they hadn't given a shit about love or society.

I am not saying that they hate each other or anything and agree that there might be some 'perfect' couples still alive on this planet (at least I would love to believe). This whole thing written above might have hurt you but the problem is, I have never seen anything great in falling in love or even marriages for that matter.

Fun fact: I hate marriages more than I hate the idea of love.  


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