Super Tekla’s OFW Sister Found Lifeless in Kuwait

People have acknowledged the Overseas Filipino Workers are considered the recent heroes. Because of the sacrifices they made for being away from their family and providing economic growth for the country through the money they send for their family members, they can truly be a hero. It is sad to note, that these sacrifices would require a hard pay.


OFWs may experience depression and alienation for they were away from their loved ones and they need to adapt to a new environment, with people who follow a different culture and who speak of a different language. Reports on abuse and maltreatment are also predominant worldwide.
On the other hand, Super Tekla, a former Wowowin host in Kapuso GMA Network uploaded a live video feed on Facebook showing his appreciation those people who sympathized on what happened to his sibling who worked in Kuwait. He is currently in Canada having his shows when he received the sad news.
He was actually asking for help from the embassy to look further on the case of what happened to his sibling whether there is a foul play present. He also shared that his sibling is also one of the victims of some of the OFWs who went there to work. That some maybe have claimed that they committed ending their life, but there is a possibility that they committed such because of abused inflicted by the employer.

He also mentioned that it might be really hard to accept such loss, but they need to know the truth behind the sad news. It is a clamor to the hearts of other Filipinos to be aware of this kind of cases that requires attention and action. He pleads among netizens to share his uploaded feed so that it may reach the eyes of the authorities.

What do you think might be the real reason on this news? Share your views.

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