Family Of Tasha Zuniga, Girl In ‘Bullying’ Video, Reveals Her Situation Now

The family of female student Tasha Zuniga who was involved in a viral ‘bullying’ video gave an update regarding her situation now.


Many of the netizens on social media were left disappointed last week after a ‘bullying’ video crossed the online platform. Based on a report, the video showed a female student raising her hands several times on another female student.

The video of the one who raised her hands went viral on the social media. She is allegedly Zydney Merell Salvador. She earned the netizens’ hate after the video circulated on the online platform. Undeniably, many want her to learn a lesson by being expelled from school.

The other female student who did not fight back based on the viral video is allegedly Tasha Zuniga. Her mother is reportedly working outside the country.

TashaZuniga Bullying Video

Tasha Zuniga’s mother has broken her silence regarding the incident. She expressed on social media that she won’t permit that her daughter will only get a sorry in exchange for what was done to her. She also refused to stop the spreading of the ‘bullying’ video that circulates on social media.

Many were mad at Zydney Merell Salvador for what she has done to Tasha Zuniga. Lots of netizens stressed that she has no right to do it to the female student.

Recently, we learned from Kami that the aunt of Tasha Zuniga gave an update regarding her situation now. According to her, seeing their niece being hurt by other people hurts them.

Tasha is reportedly living with her grandmother now and she is coping up. The family also refused to let the girl go to school while the case regarding the incident is ongoing. According to her relatives, she is afraid of going back to school.

Based on the report, the negotiations between the two parties involved in the ‘bullying’ incident are still ongoing and the family of Tasha Zuniga is determined to give justice to what was done to her and to bring the girl abroad to be with her mom as she copes up.

The family is grateful to everyone who expressed their concern and sympathy for what the girl experienced.

Source: philnews

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