Helmet Girl Chezka Bautista Slams Bashers In Social Media

Helmet Girl Chezka Bautista has slammed and get back at her bashers in the social media after her controversial video goes viral online.


Chezka Bautista or has been known as Helmet Girl after she was involved in a road rage incident with traffic enforcers who apprehended them for not wearing their helmets.

The controversial video shows how Bautista argued and even attempted to attack the traffic enforcers during the altercation.

The woman explained that they felt insulted when the enforcers allegedly laughed at them prompting her to attack one of the traffic police and even bad mouthed them.

The social media users bashed Chezka Bautista towards her disrespectful against the authorities during the road rage incident.


Helmet Girl has finally released a statement regarding the incident and even slammed her bashers online.


Here are the screenshots of her some Facebook posts:


Source: philnews

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