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14 Arrested in Qatar For Breaking COVID-19 Quarantine Rules

Qatar's Ministry of Public Health has arrested 14 people for breaking the rules of home quarantine on Sunday. The entire world is suffering at the moment from the widespread effect of coronavirus as is Qatar. Also, government authorities around the world have been asked to stay home and maintain social distancing at this crucial phase.

The Ministry of Public Health has released a statement with the names of the 14 people arrested. It further said that the violators were currently referred to prosecution. 

After the arrest of the 14 people, the Ministry has clearly stated that whoever violates the rules will be penalised under Article 253 of the Penal Code No. (11) of 2004, and the provisions of Law No. (17) of 1990 regarding prevention of infectious diseases, and Law No. (17) For the year 2002 for protecting society.

Meanwhile, eight news COVID-19 cased have been reported in Qatar, taking the countries tally to 470. Qatar has reported the highest number of cases among the six Gulf states. A total of 1300 cases have been reported from the Gulf countries overall. 

Government authorities across the world have announced complete lockdown in several countries. Qatar authorities too have announced the closure of several kilometers within the country including the industrial area of Doha.

Hera are the names of the 14 people arrested. All of them are Qatari nationals. 

1- Abdullah Jaber Nashira / Qatari

2- Mutaib Salem Mutaib Al-Hanitim Al-Marri / Qatari

3- Abdullah Ali Khalifa Salloum Al-Kubaisi / Qatari

4- Meshal Hamad Abdullah Al-Hamad Al-Mannai / Qatari

5- Jaber Ali Al-Mi'i Ali Jahman / Qatari

6- Talib Jaber Masoud Al-Aweer Al-Marri / Qatari

7- Abdullah Muhammad Ali Abdulreda Ismail / Qatari

8- Fahd Abdel-Moneim Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Owainati / Qatari

9- Mohammed Rashid Jaber Al-Khayareen / Qatari

10- Khaled Rashid Jaber Al-Khayareen / Qatari

11- Sarhan Nasser Sarhan Salem Barghash / Qatari

12- Nader Mohammed Mubarak Salem Al-Juhani / Qatari

13- Faisal Masoud Jaber Al-Marri / Qatari

14- Muhammad Ali Mohsen Abdullah Mulheyah / Qatari.


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