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Coronavirus robs four children of their dad five years after mum died from cancer

Coronavirus robs four children of their dad five years after mum died from cancer. 

Miguel Plangca, 55, moved from Ozamis in the Philippines, to Ireland to work around 25 years ago.

The dedicated dad spent two decades working on the packaging line at the Bird's Eye factory in Naas, Co Kildare, and would send money home to support his wife Gilceria and his children back in his homeland.

After his wife died in 2015 his children moved to Ireland the following year to be with him, Irish Mirror reports.

But tragically last week Miguel became one of the country's 1,561 people who have died six weeks after contracting Covid-19.


He leaves behind his children Mikee, 21, Michael, 19, John, 14, and 12-year-old Chekie.

Heartbroken Mikee has opened up about the family's tragic loss and said they would like to stay here but the future is uncertain.

She said: "Dad had been sick for about a week in the house, with a cough and what he thought was a cold and then he ended up in ICU.

"He spent 41 days there before he died. It's very hard for us to take it all in at the minute.

"I'm concentrating on minding my brothers and sisters for now."

"We don't know what will happen.

"We would like to stay in Ireland because that's where we have made a life, where our friends are and our [Filipino] community is, but we don't know."

Before the four siblings arrived in Ireland their only contact with their dad was through video calls and visits twice a year.

Speaking to the Independent, she added: "My father made a decision many years ago to come here to provide for us.

"He left so we could stay in the Philippines and have a better quality of life. Every month he sent money home to us.

"We were like many other families in the Philippines who had a parent in another country working to provide.

"Then when my mother died, we came here to Ireland to live with him."

She finished her Leaving Cert in Prosperous, Co Kildare before going on to apply to be a full-time carer for her brother Michael who has intellectual disabilities.

Mikee said: "When we first came to Ireland, Dad was working day shifts but he switched to night shifts so that I could go to school.

"He looked after Michael during the day and worked at night.

"My Dad made so many sacrifices for us. He was a good man and everything he did he did for us."

Mikee and her siblings do have family in Ireland as Miguel's sister Fely arrived her in 2009 and later married an Irishman. She works as a childminder and also lives in Naas.

The Kildare Filipino Community has rallied to support Miguel's children.

A GoFundMe page set up to support the siblings has surpassed €15,000, smashing the initial €5,000 target.

To make a donation visit


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