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LOOK: Netizens Express Amazement after Japan Fixes Massive Sinkhole in Just 2 Days!

The Japanese are truly amazing – and proof of this is the fast reopening of a 5-lane road which was deemed impassable after a massive sinkhole appeared on November 8, 2016 in Fukuoka, one of Japan’s most populated cities.

The sinkhole measured 30 meters by 27 meters and was 15 meters deep. It was caused by construction of an additional subway line nearby. As can be seen in photos and videos of the incident, many utility lines were affected but Japanese workers quickly fixed the problem. The foundations of nearby buildings were also exposed, leading to fears that they might topple into the hole.

But the Japanese showed that you should never underestimate their capacity to fix their troubles.

Within hours, the utilities – electricity, gas, telephone, water and sewage services – were restored! Then, in something that amazed the whole world, the Japanese workers worked non-stop for 48 hours to complete the road, pouring 6,200 cubic meters of cement and sand into the hole.

But the authorities wanted to ensure that the fixed road was safe; thus, they did not open the road just yet even when they already finished it within 2 days! Instead, a team of experts on soil foundation structures made extensive tests to ensure that the road was safe to use.

It took a few more days for all the experts to completely declare the road as safe and ready for use – and in just 6 days after the sinkhole appeared, the road was opened again as if nothing happened there! Isn’t that incredible?

News of the swift road worked quickly swept the globe, with people expressing admiration for the Japanese’s incredible dedication.


Source: qatarday

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