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Horrific car crash claims man’s life on Bahrain Bay road

A Bahraini man has been killed in a fiery crash on the Bahrain Bay Road in the early hours of Friday in the Southern Governorate. 

Sources confirmed to DT News that the deceased has been identified as Mohammed Habeeb.


The mishap occurred when Habeeb slammed into a palm tree on the roadside after he lost control of his sports car.  

Sources also told DT News that the victim remained trapped inside the mangled car until the Civil Defence firemen reached the scene of the accident. 

The deceased sustained severe injuries as a result of the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Interior Ministry confirmed the incident on its official Twitter account stating, “Driver died after he lost control of his car on Bahrain Bay Road. Relevant procedures were taken.”

He was buried in his hometown, Sadad village in the Northern Governorate, yesterday afternoon.

Source: newsofbahrain

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