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Girl raped by dad told by ‘rescuer’ ‘I’ll only help if you film it’

A 14-year-old young lady told a man she was being assaulted by her dad – at the same time, rather than helping her, he advised her to film it, police say. 

The teen eventually end sent a video to Bryan Rogers, 31, that demonstrated 'her full-blown rape' by her 41-year-old dad, Randall Pruitt – and now the two men have been captured. 'I can't simply remain here. In the event that u (sic) can't help me by one way or another I should slaughter my screwing self like I've been intending to do,' the young lady, whose personality is being retained, kept in touch with Rogers on a scrambled informing application. 

As indicated by police, Rogers implied he probably won't trust the high schooler and advised her to send him video of the maltreatment, Knox News revealed. 'I would rather not say it however I can't chance getting in a bad position for you,' Rogers wrote in a message. 

'On the off chance that you can understand that video I can get you out of there yet without it you will simply end up back with (him) and I'll be stuck in an unfortunate situation. … He's been attacking you for a long time. In the event that that is insufficient of motivation to get the video, idk what else to let you know,' he kept, giving her nitty gritty guidelines on the most proficient method to shroud a cellphone in her space to catch the following assault, as indicated by the capture warrant. 'I can't get the video… I just can't' the adolescent composed back. 'So I'm a butt face for not gambling going to jail for somebody I haven't met,' Rogers informed back. 


On January 10, the teenager messaged the video to Rogers which supposedly demonstrated the realistic maltreatment the youngster had persevered – yet Rogers never turned the video over to police. After four days, Rogers drove 800 miles from Wisconsin, where he lived, to lift the youngster up from her home in Madisonville, Tennessee. 

As indicated by court records, Rogers drove along byways and ceased at corner stores that did not have surveillance cameras. When he lifted the young lady up, he made her crush both of her mobile phones – despite the fact that that did not prevent specialists from finding the visits and assault video after an inquiry with a web supplier. For more than about fourteen days, the high schooler was viewed as absent – inciting an across the country seek which included Randall Pruitt, who showed up on nearby news to request help discovering his little girl. 

On Thursday, FBI specialists pulled up to Rogers' home and found the teenager stowing away in his storage room. They expelled the young lady from the home and asked Rogers for what reason he never sent the video to police. 

'He figured it would not stand up in court,' the capture warrant said. Subsequent to review the video, specialists captured Randall Pruitt and accused him of assault. They additionally captured Rogers and he was accused of explicitly misusing a youngster and snatching. Pruitt was charged in court on Tuesday in Tennessee and his bond was set at $2 million. Rogers is set to show up in court on Thursday.

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