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How These Countries Are Fighting Against Coronavirus on Humanitarian Grounds

The fear of Coronavirus is increasing with more and more cases being reported every day all around the globe. As per the current data on Worldometer, a total of 339,341 coronavirus cases so far have been reported all over the world. 14,703 people have died with the recovered cases nearing one lakh. 99,014 cases have been recovered so far. 

Meanwhile, countries from all across the world are doing their bit to ensure that they keep their people safe and secured in this time of crisis and also emergency. 

Here is what the various countries are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


Australia have declared emergency response. throughout the country in this period of coronavirus.  Michael Wallach, a vaccines expert at the University of Technology Sydney, said that this enabled the government to released quick funds required to be given to hospitals to prepare food for the patients.Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stopped short of enforcing school closures and self-isolation for the general population.


 It has almost 31,500 infections and more than 2,500 deaths, the majority of them in its wealthy northern regions, where there are world-class hospitals.

Meanwhile, Italy is going through a situation of crisis with limited supplies of ICU beds and ventilators for the treatment of patients. The government has imposed a near lockdown of throughout the country with only supermarkets and medical stores open. There are also restrictions on travel with social distancing encouraged. 


Britain PM Boris Johnson has addressed the issue that the country id facing its biggest health crisis at the moment. As of March 17, Britan has reported more than 1,950 infections and 71 deaths. The British government has come up with stricter rules to fight the pandemic. It ha asked citizens above 70 years of age to stay home for a minimum of three months. The British PM have also regulated the travel instructions with them being stopped for the moment. He too has directed his citizens to main social distancing and avoid hand contacts.

Meanwhile, countries like France, Germany & Spain have also made their rules stricter to fight the virus. Social gatherings have been absolutely banned in these countries. Museums, movie theaters, gyms, swimming pools and nightclubs have also been temporarily shuttered.




Meanwhile, Turkey has came up with an interesting way to show its support for the people of their nation. In a bid to help the needy and the poor, the residents have started leaving food packets in the middle of the road. This is a great example set up Turkey on humanitarian grounds to fight novel coronavirus. 

Here is the video of the same. 



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