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Why You Are Always Tired, According To Science

Do you always lack the energy and focus on pushing through your tasks in the latter half of the day? Do you end up being described lazy and lethargic by your friends and family? Well, this ASAP Science video sheds light into why you feel always tired. 

According to numerous studies, one of the major reason for the drop in energy during the day is the lack of proper sleep, physical activity, and poor diet. Studies found that people who started light exercise few times a week found more energy after 6 weeks of working out. Additionally, over-reliance on coffee to 'pick you up' in the morning can actually make you feel sleepier during the rest of the day. Further, over consumption of coffee and alcohol could directly lead to reduced quality of sleep. 


Anxiety and depression are other two main culprits, as they adversely affect your overall health and lead to fatigue. In order to keep your energy level high throughout the day, ASAP Science advice you to stay hydrated and to keep a consistent sleep schedule, even over the weekends. 

Source: lifehacker

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