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Oman's prosecution issues warning to illegal real estate brokers

The Public Prosecutor’s office has issued a warning to citizens and residents in Oman regarding illegal real estate agents and brokers, in a statement posted on Twitter.

The Public Prosecutor's office said, “Dear Citizen: Brokering real estate for pay without a license from the related governmental agency is a crime which could lead to up to 6 months in prison, as well as OMR3000 in fines. 


“This act (black market brokerage) is criminalised according to text of article 19 of the law regulating real estate brokerage, and it applies to both Omani citizens and expats.”

On social media, a user said, “I work in real estate, and even I didn’t know that this law exists.”

Article 19, which was issued by royal decree by HM Sultan Qaboos, states, “Any person who works in the brokerage of real estate for payment without a valid license is subject to no more than OMR3000 in fines, six months of imprisonment, or both of these penalties. Any real estate brokers who otherwise trespass upon this law (the law governing real estate brokerage) are subject to OMR1000 in fines, as long as this article does not infringe on another penalty pertaining to another article or law.”

The decree was originally passed in October, 1986. It can be found on the website of the Ministry of Housing, along with “laws regarding mapping, land, real estate registries, social housing, and miscellaneous laws".

Source: timesofoman

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