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Dh500 fine, 4 black points for this traffic violation during fog

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has issued special warning text messages to UAE residents, asking them to exercise caution while driving in rough weather conditions. The authority said drivers who use high beam will be slapped with a Dh 500 fine and four black points.

Special text messages were sent to UAE residents on Friday, November 16, asking them to exercise caution while driving in rough weather conditions.

The message read, "Dear Driver, drive cautiously and use the low beam light during weather changes. Make sure your wipers blades and window demisters are working effectively as it helps you see the road while driving in rain."

The message added, "Slow down and maintain double safe distance. Remember driving during the fog without using the lights is a violation punishable by Dh 500 and four black points."

Tips for driving in bad weather

  •  Do not use hazard lights (they are meant for standing cars in case of an emergency)
  •  Do not use rear fog lights during normal visibility, since they can blind following drivers and rear fog lights can over-power your brake lights, hence following drivers might not see you braking
  •  Stay away from areas which are normally affected by bad weather like Wadis
  •  In case of rain, avoid low lying parts of the roads network like underpasses

Source: khaleejtimes

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