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No tourist visa fee for those younger than 18 in UAE

Tourist visa fee waiver for children under 18 visiting UAE with parents

UAE residents can now renew the residency visas of their 18-year-old dependent sons, whether they are secondary school or university graduates, for up to two consecutive years, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced on Wednesday evening.

The residence permit, therefore, will be valid for a year and can be renewed for an additional year.

This benefit can be availed from the date of completion of secondary education of dependent sons, or those who have just graduated university, or those reaching the age of 18 years.

The authority said guardians will no longer be required to apply under humanitarian appeals, which required a deposit of Dh5,000.


Daughters remain on their parents visa with no age limit until they get married.


Applicants can apply through all the residency and naturalization offices or other government-approved outlets for a fee of Dh100 for residency permits or their renewal for a year.


Residents can submit supporting documents that include attaching the certificate of general secondary education or graduation certificate or the information from the university where the son studied, whether inside or outside the UAE, duly certified by his alma mater.

Tourist visa fees

Furthermore, no tourist visa fees will be charged for children below 18 years of age who are accompanying their parents to the UAE, the authority announced.


Tourists can benefit from the latest tourist visa fee waiver rules between July 15 and September 15 each year.

The authority said that these facilities include those below 18 provided that they are accompanied by a parent, regardless of the length of the validity of the parent's visa.

The authority announced that it will launch a campaign next week to define the exemptions granted to tourists and how to obtain them during the period mentioned, including the distribution of explanatory leaflets at the country's airports and border ports and through the concerned bodies such as the state's tourism agencies, national carriers, travel and tourism offices.

The authority also explained that those wishing to benefit from these facilities can apply through the authority's electronic channels  or via its smart application (ica) uae echannels.

They can fill the family tourism visa with parents’ data and then add the children and their data through the system.

During the application period, the applicant will need to show proof of age.

The authority said that tourists who wish to visit the country can apply for family travel visas through the approved travel and tourism offices in their countries, as well as through the offices of UAE national carriers (Emirates, Etihad Airways, Flydubai and Air Arabia) and benefit from the exemption.

As per earlier announced long-term residency rules, outstanding students also are entitled to five-year renewable residency visas.

In addition to facilitating the procedures and completion of transactions as soon as possible, the authority instructed officials at all entry points of the country to receive them with a smile and welcome, and represent the humanitarian and cultural tradition of the country and its openness to the cultures and peoples of the world.

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