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UAE Labour Law: End of service gratuity

Article 139
The worker shall be deprived of his end of service gratuity in the following two cases:


a - Should he be dismissed from service for any of the reasons set forth in Article 120 hereof or should he leave his employment in view of avoiding the dismissal there from in accordance with the said Article.
b - Should he leave his employment of his own accord , and without notice in cases other than the ones set forth in Article 121 hereof , and such with regards to contracts with undetermined term , or prior to the completion of five years of continuous service with regards to contracts with determined term.

Article 140
Should the establishment have a saving fund for the workers, and the rules of the fund stipulate that the sums deposited into the fund on behalf of the worker is in return for the legal obligation with regards to the end of service gratuity, the saved amount or the duly due gratuity shall be paid to the worker, whichever is greater.

Should the rules of the fund not stipulate that the amounts paid by the employer are in return for his legal obligation with regards to the end of service gratuity, the worker shall receive the amounts due to him from the saving fund in addition to the statutory end of service gratuity.

Article 141
Should the establishment have a retirement system, an insurance or any similar scheme, the worker entitled to a pension may choose between such pension, the prescribed gratuity or the money entitled thereto from the retirement system or under the insurance scheme, whichever is better.

Source UAE Ministry of Labour
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