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Want to know if you have a travel ban in Dubai? Find out how

People who are facing criminal charges in Dubai are now notified through a text message, allowing them to come forward and promptly settle their case.

The service is part of the Dubai Police's new smart reporting initiative.

Anybody will also be able to check if there is a travel ban or any case filed against them - such as dud cheques, rent disputes and non-payment issues, among others.


Residents simply need to sign on to the Dubai Police's smart application; pick the administration; give their Emirates ID number and different subtle elements; and enter an authorisation code they would get by means of SMS, which guarantees the classification of the data. Subtle elements of a movement boycott or a case will then be appeared. 

Propelled on September 13, the new smart detailing administration of the Dubai Police have just profited 7,062 individuals before the finish of October. 

Significant General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, collaborator president for criminal examination issues at the Dubai Police, said the smart detailing venture spares the police time and exertion in the hunt and examination, while additionally securing the nobility of the individual included. The reaction rate for the new program was prominently high, he said. 

On the off chance that a man changes his number, he would first be able to refresh his information at the closest smart police headquarters and afterward ask about his status. 

The smart announcing program - which depended on the orders of Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police - is actualized over all police headquarters. 

Electronic framework to conclude cases 

Colonel Saeed Al Ayali, chief for the needed bureau of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, said new innovations were likewise used to settle the cases. 

A hall at the general order was assigned to get individuals who come to settle their case. Rather than alluding them to a court, they will be addressed by means of a video gathering in a smart room. This electronic framework applies to the individuals who are confronting minor grumblings, for example, monetary instances of under Dh200,000, Al Ayali stated, including that approximately 3,667 individuals have just profited by the program. 

With this framework, the police will never again need to keep around 50,000 travel papers a year to consider individuals with minor cases responsible and keep them from leaving the nation, he said.

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