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What can happen if you take up a job when on a visit visa in UAE

Never say yes to jobs on visit visa in UAE

All it takes is a scroll online to see numerous job listings that specifically put a call-out for applicants on visit visas.

Jobseekers are being cautioned not to fall prey to the bogus guarantees of a few organizations in Dubai that are mishandling a person's visit visa status for business. 

Despite the fact that the law unmistakably expresses that individuals dwelling in the UAE on a visit visa are disallowed from working and that organizations are denied from utilizing such individuals, the pattern is overflowing. 

In situations where people are being misused by an organization, they "don't have the work law qualifications" except if they are appropriately working, said Sara Khoja of Clyde and Co universal law office. 

A few inhabitants imparted their accounts to Khaleej Times. 

"I came here 10 months prior on a visit visa and figured out how to anchor a vocation following multi month. They held my international ID and disclosed to me they would process a two-year business visa, however following two months of consistent working, nothing appeared," Indian expat T.A. stated, sharing the going with printed material. 

Being paid money close by, T.A. was guaranteed a month to month pay of Dh3,500 yet gotten just Dh3,000. 

"I continued requesting to get my work papers so I at any rate realized they were preparing it, yet they never came. The work courts would come in and do assessments, however just before their landing, our organization would advise those on visit visas to leave the building." 

After continually conceding her inquiries with respect to a business visa, T.A. said that on the third month - when her visit visa was expected to terminate ­-the organization clarified no visa was coming. 

"Individuals on a visit visa can't approach the court or police to grumble, so organizations escape with misusing individuals like me. This is a major pattern," she said. 

What the law says 

Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 6 for 1973 concerning migration and habitation unmistakably expresses that "the outsider who gets a visit visa may not work anyplace in the nation with or without pay or for his own". 

Furthermore, by temperance of Federal Decree Law No 7 for 2007, "a fine of Dh50,000 per laborer has been recommended, in the occasion the MoHRE finds any business utilizing a person on a visit visa". In the event that the offense is rehashed, the fine sum is multiplied. 

Exile bosses abusing the law will be ousted and restricted for life from entering the UAE. What's more, for UAE nationals, a six-month jail term will be passed on. Regardless of this, everything necessary is a parchment online to see various employment postings that explicitly put a get out for candidates on visit visas. 


'Specialized Consultant (visiting visa favored)'; 'Java Programmer (Visit Visa/Immediate Availability)'; and 'Administrator Assistant Filipino Male On Visit Visa' are only a portion of the posts Khaleej Times ran over. 

Be that as it may, the explanations behind such postings may fluctuate, Louise Vine, overseeing chief of Inspire Selection, said. 

Organizations may request somebody on a visit visa if the job is "very dire" and some may likewise wish to put somebody on a time for testing before giving an organization visa. Be that as it may, when an office is included, this by and large does not occur. 

"When we do find out about this kind of thing however, it is more often than not with lower-salary workers, for example, cleaning specialists, drivers, workers," she said. 

One such individual was Nigerian expat F.O. Touching base in Dubai in February 2018, he labored for a while in two separate employments in return for a little money close by pay. 

"I was new to the nation and gave my identification over to my boss on the guarantee my visa would be changed to a residency visa. I was washing dishes in an eatery. Following three months of being told my visa would come, I began freezing. At the point when my visit visa lapsed, my supervisor revealed to me they didn't have the amount to take me on, so I needed to leave." 

Subsequent to leaving the UAE to Oman, F.O. returned two months after the fact and took up a worker's situation in Al Ain. 

"That was such diligent work. I did that for two months. I was told I'd get paid Dh800 every month, except they paid me just Dh600 and again, continued disclosing to me my visa would come yet it never did. I let well enough alone for annoyance since I was hoodwinked multiple times." 

Given the legitimate ramifications of chipping away at a visit visa status, T.A. furthermore, F.O. said that as far as they can tell, organizations are exploiting defenseless jobseekers. Realizing they have no lawful establishing in the event that they are dealt with unreasonably in the working environment, they are baiting them in on the affection of trial work, before releasing them once their visit visa is up. 

On the off chance that a dissension is made against the business by a representative who is an injured individual, Ashish Mehta, organizer and overseeing accomplice of Ashish Mehta and Associates, said the business might be punished. 

"Be that as it may, correspondingly, a worker may likewise cause harm for working wrongfully. A punishment or a boycott might be forced on the business and the representative." 

In that capacity, occupants and guests are asked to look for work through the right, legitimate channels.

Things to remember as you take up a job in the UAE

1-Offer letter: It's mandatory for companies to issue an offer letter to you, mentioning the terms and conditions of the job. This has to be signed and accepted by you.

2-Ministry approval: The signed offer letter should be submitted by the employer to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for approval.

3-Work permit/residency visa: The employer will procure your work and residency permits

4-Health screening: Your medical tests will be conducted at government-approved health centres in the UAE. You will be tested for communicable diseases/conditions

5-Certificate attestation: If you hold a degree from outside the UAE, you must get it certified from the UAE embassy or consulate in your country and also from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country

6-Keep your passport: Remember! One of your important rights is entitlement to the possession of your passport

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