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People Young Man Praised for Proudly Taking Care of Old Grandma… And He Prays She’ll Have a Very Long Life!

The roles have been reversed. Whereas in the past it was grandma who would chase him around to bathe him while he cried in protest because he does not want to take a bath, Mark Louie Pabianes Carabbacan is now the one bathing his grandma – sans the chasing and crying, of course.


Mark Louie gained praise on social media after he shared photos of him bathing his grandma outside their home. According to him, he loves his grandma very much and he welcomes the role reversal – and it not complaining about it. In fact, he even asks those who get to read his post to offer a prayer that God will add more years to his grandma’s life so he could still spend time with her.

Photocredit: Facebook/Mark Louie Pabianes Carabbacan

It does not matter to Mark Louie that grandma now needs taking care of and that the role is passed to him for as long as she lives and spends time with him! What a wonderful grandson!

We pray that grandma will live a very long life and that God grant you lots of blessings, Mark Louie, so you could best take care of your grandmother. You both are lucky to have each other.

Source: buzzflare

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