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10 Instagram Celebs With Hot Fashion Style Who Are Paid More Than 6 Digits Per Post

Did you know that you could actually earn money while you are glued to your phone? For the uninitiated, everyone has the chance to earn money while sitting on a chair and posting on social media platforms. In today’s digital world, digital fame is not the only thing that is rampant, but also digital earnings. No, this is not about cryptocurrencies, but this is about how people earn by posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.


While every social media platform compensates its users, we are here to talk about Instagram. According to some researchers, Instagram has high interaction levels compared to other social networks. So how can a simple Instagrammer earn money by posting on Instagram? There are few points that should be made clear.

Instagram is not like Youtube where you can sell space on a certain video you uploaded. You don’t need to run ads in a posted photo. To earn a certain amount per post, an Instagram user should be an Instagram influencer. This is a user who has established credibility and a lot of followers. To be an Instagram influencer, aside from having at least 1,000 followers, you also need to have a high engagement rate – your followers need to like and comment on your posts a lot.

If an Instagrammer already established credibility, it is time to look for brands to do some sponsored posts. Brands partner with Instagram influencers and sponsor posts to help spread product information. A lot of Instagram users have been earning at least $200 to $400 per Instagram post and that is just the earnings of an average Joe. Imagine how much an Instagrammer with millions of followers can earn for just a single post.

Here is a list of Instagrammers who are paid 6 digits per post. The first five Instagrammers – from Katy Perry to Ariana Grande – are estimated via the Instagram Money Calculator, while the rest – from Lebron James to Selena Gomez – are on the first ever “Instagram Rich List” that was released by Instagram. Yes, Selena Gomez is definitely the richest Instagrammer!

10. Lebron James Has Over 31.6 Million Followers

According to Instagram’s Rich List of 2017, Lebron James has 31.6 million followers on Instagram and he can earn $120,000 per post.

Now, Lebron James is ranked as number 10 on Instagram’s Rich List. This makes Lebron James not just a king in basketball, but also a king of Instagram posts. By the way, King James is one of the two men included on the list. Also, he was named the Instagrammer of the year in 2017.

Why was he dubbed the Instagrammer of the year? Looking at his Instagram posts, he really did post some entertaining and sometimes cryptic photos and videos. Some of these are his posts about him dancing in a weight room, joking about his hairline, dancing with J.R. Smith, and his family videos.

9. Gigi Hadid Has Over 35 Million Followers

Gigi Hadid is a popular celebrity on Instagram with over 35 million followers and she can earn $120,000 per post, just like King James.

Who would not follow Gigi Hadid on Instagram? She is a stunner! There is no doubt that she is one of the most influential models in today’s era. Gigi even bagged the record for the most Instagram followers of any fashion person in 2016. So yes, she is one of the lead influencers of the Instagram world. Although she is not a part of the music industry, she still has tons of fans and followers because she is one of the most famous fashion icons in the world today. She was even named the International Model of the Year in 2016 by the British Fashion Council. Let us not forget that she has a sister, Bella Hadid, that is also one of the most beautiful models in the fashion industry today.

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