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15 Celebrities Who Have Disney Character Doppelgangers

Doublemint made its gum famous through commercials and advertisements that feature smiling twins. They’ve done so since 1939. Being another person’s replica would be an amazing way to go through life, don’t you agree? Oh, the things you could get away with! We all love to see photos of rare people that just so happen to look exactly like someone else. This article takes the fun of looking at pictures like the ones Doublemint made famous to an entirely different place; a magical place full of wonder and excitement.


Did you know that some of our most loved celebrities have their own Disney twin? It’s true — no really — read on and see for yourself if you don’t believe me. What’s beyond weird is there are Disney’s characters that really do look just like several of our favorite celebs; both past and present. Some of the resemblances are downright uncanny.

In 1928, Oswalt the Lucky Rabbit became Disney’s first cartoon creation. Nobody in this article looks like Oswalt, so don’t worry. That’s the only clue I’m going to give you! Over the course of time, Disney has created a character that most people relate to and feel is much like themselves. Maybe that’s you, a middle-aged man with Peter Pan syndrome, or Snow White growing wrinkly by the day, still waiting for your Prince Florian. Those of us who identify with a Disney character may not look like one, but the celebs in this article sure do!

15. Justin Bieber And His Twin Peter Pan

What person do you think could play Peter Pan better than Justin Bieber? I’m going to assume your running short on answers to that question… especially after you look at this side by side Disney doppelgänger photo. They look darn near identical, don’t they? An article by list25 shared some fun facts about Peter Pan that included how the magical fairy dust was introduced. They said,”originally Peter Pan could fly without the help of fairy dust. Unfortunately, that led children to believe that if they tried hard enough, they too could take to the skies too. After several injury reports, JM Barrie added: “fairy dust” as a necessity for flying.” Not only will we never fly like Peter, but we’ll never be as famous as the Biebs, either.

14. Blake Lively Makes A Great Sleeping Beauty

If you had to guess which Disney character Blake Lively should be cast for in a Disney movie, which character do you think it would be? Naturally, a Princess, right? She’d even make one hell of a Sleeping Beauty as this photo suggests. Her answer isn’t one that you would expect from an actress who is so adorned for her infinite amount of beauty, though. When asked what character she’d play, Lively responded, “Minnie Mouse!” She revealed that information in a video for Variety’s Power of Women New York issue. When asked about the part, she replied before laughing, “I’d be a terrible Minnie Mouse, though.” Well, if Minnie Mouse doesn’t work out for her there’s always Sleeping Beauty. They sure do look similar!

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