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15 Hottest Examples of Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Evolution

2. Stephanie’s Got It, So She’ll Flaunt It (Especially In 2003)

The show? SmackDown. The year? 2003. Fade in. There’s nothing except the crowd noise in the background. We fade in to see revealing heels and a great set of legs. The camera slowly moves up as we now see a nice short skirt containing a nice round bottom. Anyone who watched was thinking “Damn! Who’s this!?” The curvy woman stands up, turns around and yes, there she is, Stephanie McMahon in her absolute prime as SmackDown’s General Manager addressing the WWE universe before it was called the WWE Universe.

This was the moment that Stephanie put WWE fans on notice; Stephanie was the leader and had no qualms about flaunting every inch and curve of her body. She wanted everyone to know that she was embracing her hotness yet still contained that sense of power that she and her family have within the WWE. Stephanie’s lovely curves became the butt (pun intended) of some funny SmackDown moments and segments, including John Cena basically begging to smack Steph’s ass later in her tenure.


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