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Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie $100 Million In Divorce Settlement: 10 Things Their Lawyer Don’t Want Us To Know

The world was shocked when it was announced that Hollywood’s hottest couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were no more and are getting a divorce. “What happened” was on everyone’s lips and others were happy as Angelina ruined Brad’s and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage. Brad and Angelina were together since 2005, where they met on set of their movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The pair only got married in 2014; maybe they should’ve just stayed dating since now they’re sadly getting divorced after only three years. It could be that marriage was a curse for the couple.


Angelina filed for divorce on September 19, 2016. It comes as a shock since they were together for 12 years and looked happy and in love. Although it seems it was a farce as Angelina came clean to the public about Brad’s ways in an ugly war, which Brad kept quiet and didn’t retaliate. Unfortunately, now there are settlement talks before the divorce becomes final and court battles with custody rights of their six children. It was reported by Life & Style that Brad wants to give Angelina $100 million in a settlement due to wanting the divorce proceedings to move faster. Will Angelina accept Brad’s bribes or will she fight it? Here are the 15 reasons why he wants to give her such a tremendous amount and what their lawyers don’t want the public to know.

10. Angelina Wants To Work On Their Marriage

As mentioned before, Brad seeks to pay her for the divorce to be finalized quickly, but Angelina is stalling. She possibly wants a second chance because Brad is working on staying sober and if he changes his parenting ways, Angelina believes it could work.

Brad isn’t interested and wants to move forward since he feels the trust is broken and the damage is done.

Will Brad get his way and will the divorce finally be done this year? Its been dragging on and hopefully, they’ll both agree soon for a clean ending to their messy split.

9. Brad Has A Problem

Brad has come clean that he’s struggled with drinking in an interview with GQ. He admitted he was drinking heavily and has been to therapy to help feel better because of the custody battle. Brad confirmed his drinking was a cause of the split since it got too much for Angelina to handle. He is clean now, but like with every addict, there can always be a mishap. It could be an excellent reason for fighting for sole custody, and maybe Brad wants to give Angelina a lot of money to keep quiet or possibly to be finally free from her because only then can he move on.

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