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Disney Child Stars That Got Too Close On Set

Being a child star has to be one of the weirdest things that any child can go through. While we might have been playing at the park with friends and bowling with our loving parents, these Hollywood stars were working from a young age. Their every move and choice scrutinized by people who don’t even really know who they are. And what’s worse, their relationships are under the microscope too. Imagine if the whole world knew what you and your crush were up at the 13 years old! If there’s one thing we did notice putting this list together, is that some of these young celebs sure got around.


What with Disney being one of the largest purveyors of child entertainment, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the stars on the Disney Channel who got close enough for rumors to start spreading. Not only that, but many of these young people were confirmed as going out. Ready to take a look at the stars who found love on set? We know we are!

15. Peyton Meyer And Rowan Blanchard

Okay, this is where it all starts to get a little sinister and we actually hope that the rumors surrounding these two aren’t true at all but are being spread by a media system that doesn’t care as long as it has people clicking. Believe it or not, but Blanchard has already been linked to numerous people throughout her Disney career, including Teo Halm, an actor she was set to work with before his character was removed. Now, she’s being linked to Peyton Meyer who is three years older than her. We’re not saying that these two shouldn’t be seeing each other because he’s older, but bear in mind that this young girl was thirteen at the time. Seriously, we are forcing children to grow up so fast these days. This poor girl is already working for her money and has found herself in a relationship with a sixteen-year-old boy!

14. Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens

It still seems insane to us that people were actually able to come up with three High School Musical films. It sort of feels like they could’ve been done after the first, but Disney was never the sort of company to leave something behind if there was a chance it would make them a lot more money. Not only that, but a lot of the hype surrounding the film concerned the on-set romance between these two who also played a couple in the film. Unlike a lot of whirlwind romances many young people experience, these two actually knew each other for a couple of years before they decided to get together and managed to keep things going for another three years before breaking up amicably.

13. Maiara Walsh And Jason Dolley

Walsh is probably best known for Cory in the House and for dating fellow Disney Channel favorite Cole Sprouse. However, her connections with Disney Channel men did not start there. There are rumors that she dated two others, most notably Jason Dolley who it’s said she dated for six months after working with him. See, six months is more the length we’re looking for when we think of relationships with younger people. There is no way that would be considered a successful relationship in adulthood, but at the time these two met, six months is nothing to scoff at.

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