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Five places people forget their smartphone

Been there, done that. Let's cut to the chase. We've all experienced the 'Oops, I did it again' moment and then gone crazy trying to figure where possibly could we have left behind our smartphone. Let's trace our steps, shall we?

In the washroom

What if you were to get that IMPORTANT call at that very moment and miss it? Hence you and smartphone go to the washroom together - only to be left behind on the toilet paper holder, hand dryer, etc. We'll spare you the details.


On charge

20% battery left! Time for a 'power-charge'; you think - let me put it on for the charge while I have my breakfast. Of course, you are going to forget as you go about attending to other last minute things before you leave for work. Worse, if you leave it at the public charging stations.

On the hot-seat, in your car

Not only is it terrible to realise that you've left your phone attached to the car charger, what's worse is that you've to now go down all the floors and fetch the phone. Phew. Wait for the elevator, walk to the parking lot (in the heat), come back and wait for the elevator! You know the drill, right?

In the backseat of the cab

This is where your luck may or may not play a sport - RTA, Uber or Careem. You booked a cab with your smartphone and of course, it has details like the driver's contact number, number plate, etc. Surprise - to access the info you need the phone. Choices are many - get the details from your e-mail, call the helpline from a landline or wait for the honest driver to track you down.

In the trial room

Step one: recall, which trial room - for you went to five shops hunting for that perfect pair of denim. Step two: Start with the closest to you. Speak to the store staff to get permission to look for it under piles of clothes! Step three: Repeat, until you find it.

Source: khaleejtimes

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