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MUST WATCH : What makes this Pinay Video Goes Viral in Saudi Arabia

Anywhere in the world, Filipinos always have their own ways to impress other nationalities.

Just like this song which became viral in Saudi Arabia. The YouTube clip was performed by a young Filipino singer.

Receiving a total of 250,000 views on YouTube, the song received recognitions in Arabic e-magazines after its released date just a week ago.

The video shows a story of a Filipino woman who had to work in Saudi for 20 long years. But because of her obligation to take care of his sick sister in the Philippines calls for her come back, she was broken hearted to leave the country whom she learned to love for long years.

Saudi nationals were totally moved by the said video. Tourist promoters were even moved to tears upon seeing the video.


Some commented that they were totally grateful that other nationalities such as Filipinos were happy in Saudi Arabia. According to a director of Culture and Arts Society of Jeddah, the true meaning of home is not always the place where people are born, sometimes it’s the place they live meaningfully with people they love and treasure.

The original song was supposed to be written by OFW J. Nava Cruz. The clip was made by Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia.

Source: kwentongofw

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