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Parents Won’t Abort ‘Deformed’ Baby When Doctors Ask – Take A Look At Him Now

Parents who are expecting a new baby have a lot to be excited about.

They also have a lot to worry about. It’s important to look on the bright side of things, but it’s also good to be prepared in case something unexpected happens.


Most parents hope and assume that their babies will be born without any health problems. One young couple was anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sweet baby.

Their new baby, Brody, was different, but they wouldn’t know how different until he was born.

At their 24-week ultrasound, they found out that Brody had a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Their baby would be born with this deformation and likely suffer from other health problems caused by it. The doctor even asked if they wanted to keep the baby or consider other options.

The young couple knew they wanted to keep their baby.

They didn’t care if he looked different, and they were ready to provide the medical help he may need if he did indeed have other health problems after he was born.

They wanted to change the way people view babies and children with deformities and birth defects, and they already loved their baby no matter what. There was no question they were keeping him.

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