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The 10 Best Buys in Motorcycles for 2018

In many parts of the county, a chill in the air might mean it's time to hang up the riding gear for the season. But we say it's also a great time to shop for the latest bikes. The industry is cranking out plenty of smaller, less expensive bikes these days, and seriously great deals are abundant on many of the newest and coolest models.

Here are some of the latest two-wheelers that are not only great to ride but pack plenty of value, too.
2018 Zero S ZF7.2


Zero has come a long way since we rode the company's very first prototype back in 2008. But what hasn't changed is that batteries are expensive. The good news is that if you have a relatively modest commute, Zero's least expensive street bike might fit the bill. The Zero S ZF7.2 uses a new 7.2 kWh battery pack that provides a maximum range of 89 miles or about half that amount at a steady 70 mph. 

The Zero S can be optioned with packs as large as 16.6 kWh. But a smaller battery pack means there's less weight to slog around, and on a motorcycle, that makes a big difference. This model checks in at just over 300 pounds. That's very light, almost 140 pounds less than the Zero S model with the largest battery pack. And Zero is quick to point out that the space that isn't used for that larger pack on this bike is simply storage. And because this is an EV, you crank the throttle and thrust happens immediately.

The Zero S is a relatively quick charger, too. The battery can be at 95 percent capacity in just over 4 hours with a standard charger or about an hour with the maximum accessory charger.

2018 BMW R Nine T Pure

Base Price: $11,995

The R Nine T lineup of retro-styled roadsters is arguably the most desirable bikes in the BMW line. They are all just dripping with cool. But the trouble is, these sweet-looking and sweet-riding standards are expensive. Well BMW finally has a lower price model that saves thousands and retains most of the good stuff. 

Of course, between the frame rails sits the same 110 hp horizontally-opposed twin with sounds and vibrations that echo the design of the bike—pure '70s and '80s BMW. What's missing is the expensive Ohlins suspension, big brakes, and some brightwork. Oh, and the only color available is Catalano Grey. But none of that detracts from the experience. For the cost savings of nearly four grand—we won't miss that stuff. 

That said, the Pure uses rather common-looking aluminum alloy wheels. If you want those gorgeous cross spoke wheels on the original R Nine T, it will cost you about $500.

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