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This Cab Driver’s Robbery Is Caught On Camera! We Bet You Won’t Be Able To Guess What Happens Next!

These days, majority of people find it difficult even to fulfill their basic needs. Yes, since this world is becoming too competitive these days, it is getting tough to sustain. So in such situations what is to be done? Many people resort to robbery! Yes, this is sad, but true! Robbery is something which gives them easy money; and who doesn’t want cash without having to do any 9 to 5 job?

Nowadays, such cases have become very common with cab drivers. Every now and then we hear cases of Ola or Uber drivers being involved in frauds. PrankBaaz has come up with a superb video, which not only sheds light on this issue, but also gives us a reason to have a great laughter ride. Yes, they have portrayed it wonderfully through a prank.


What happens is that a girl books a cab to go somewhere; the driver stops in the middle of the road and forces her to give him her phone, cash as well as jewelry. When the matter becomes serious and when he is caught by the police, the driver agrees that it was just a prank. But what follows next is just unimaginable!

Source: viralsection

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