This Newly Adopted Dog Bites and Throw Away Her 17 Months Old Baby but She Was so Shocked When She Found out the Reason!

Some dog breeds get a bad reputation for their fierce temperament thus families tend to avoid adopting them. Breeds such as the Pit Bull, Rottweiler and Dobermans are often misjudged by their fierce and energetic traits. 


But some people forget that these breeds are also known for their fearlessness and loyalty – especially to their adoptive families. There are even stories of abused dogs who’ve turned aggressive, only to return to their loving and devoted selves when they get adopted by loving families. 

This following story may finally persuade some of you that, with the proper training and a lot of love, dog breeds like the Doberman deserve better appreciation. 

Meet Khan, an adult Doberman Pinscher who previously was badly abused by its former owner. 

Australian national Catherine, mother of a 17-month-old toddler, adopted the poor dog in order to give it a better life.

Khan very quickly bonded with Catherine’s baby daughter within days of being adopted. Naturally the mother thought she could leave the two new best friends playing together outside in the yard.

However on the 4th day of Khan’s adoption, Catherine noticed strange behavior from the dog and the little girl. The dog seemed to be pushing or nudging the little girl around on the lawn.

Suddenly Khan appeared to have bitten the toddler, snatched her up and tossed her to the side. Catherine was horrified, thinking the dog was being aggressive.

She quickly ran towards where the dog and the little girl were so she could defend her daughter. Yet she was surprised once again when the dog left the girl by herself and ran back to the area where they were playing.

The mother soon realized that faithful Khan was actually protecting the little girl from a venomous snake which slithered into the yard.

Then the dog let out a yelp after being bitten by the snake. The pet dog then barked and snapped at the snake even though venom was coursing through his veins.

Once Khan had chased away the snake, he collapsed. 

Thankfully, Catherine was able to rush the brave dog to the veterinarian which save him from the venom.

Dogs truly are amazing creatures. They may be fierce carnivorous animals, but they are capable of boundless love for their human masters.

Think about that next time you stereotype a particular dog breed. 

Source: qatarday

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