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Top 10 Richest People in Saudi Arabia 2016

Saudis are, as you will notice next, rich people. Stay with us until the end of the Richest People in Saudi Arabia!

But first, let’s talk a bit about Saudi Arabia. Officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Saudi Arabia is the second-largest state in the Arab world after Algeria.

The country is also the largest Arab state in Western Asia by land area, but the exact number is still unknown because the country’s southern borders with the United Arab Emirates and Oman are not precisely defined or marked.

For all its 20 million Saudi citizens and 5 million foreigners living in Saudi Arabia, ten of them are the richest.

Some of the country fortune is petroleum-based, more than 75% of budget revenues and 90% or export earnings come from the oil industry.

And the richest people in Saudi Arabia in 2016 are…


10. Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer -$2.3 Billion

One of the wealthiest parts of the Saudi Royals, Prince Sultan Al Kabeer is a businessman and more important a visionary.

Nearly 30% of dairy organization Almarai which he founded in 1977 among the side of Irish agri-nourishments specialists and siblings Alastair and Paddy Mcguckain is his.

In 2005 the organization got to be traded on an open market and in a decade was reporting a net salary in several millions.

He is one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia and this part of the regal family got into his accounts without the precedent of 2013.

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