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A gang of six dacoits broke into a house in Amruthahalli in Jakkur (north Bengaluru) in the early hours of Tuesday, tied up and assaulted the family, and spent two hours rummaging through the house before escaping with their valuables. The crime took place around 3 am at the house of Dr Chetana JB, while her husband, two children and mother were at home. According to the complaint filed by her, the family lost at least Rs 2.5 lakh cash, gold jewellery and silver articles. The exact worth of the stolen goods could not be ascertained. According to the complaint filed by Dr Chetana, the gang gained entry by cutting through the grill of the back entrance to the house.


They went straight to the upstairs bedroom where she, her husband and their son were sleeping. When she was woken up by the disturbance, the men threatened her with lethal weapons. Her husband and son, who had woken up too, were assaulted, gagged and tied up.

She was then threatened and made to show where the valuables were kept in every part of the house. Once they were done raiding the first floor, the men were locked up inside the bedroom and the gang took Dr Chetana to the bedroom downstairs, where her mother and daughter were sleeping. They too were gagged and tied up before the rest of the house was looted.

According to the doctor’s account of the incident to the police, it was like being in hell with armed dacoits who were very wild. After rummaging through the house for almost two hours, the gang left around 5 am. As soon as they left, she called the police.

Senior officials, including Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast) PS Harsha, visited the house along with fingerprint experts and a sniffer dog squad. When Mirror spoke with the cops, they called it a regular case of dacoity and seemed confident of catching the culprits. According to DCP Harsha, they had some leads, but he refused to give any more details to the press.

A special team has been formed to nab the culprits. The Amruthahalli police have taken up a case of dacoity, under IPC Section 395.

When Bangalore Mirror visited the house to speak with the family, they said they were hoping that the cops would arrest the gang soon. Since the nightmarish incident, some of their relatives have come over to stay with them for moral support.

“It’s a relief to know that our people are safe. Valuables can be bought again,” said a relative.

Interestingly, what is now giving them hope are all the items left behind by the dacoits. These will hopefully lead the police to the men.

“They used an iron rod to break through the grill of the back door of the house,” the relative added, but refused to talk more about the incident as it was “too disturbing”.

Source: bangaloremirror

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