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100-year-old man returns to school to complete education

He possesses awe-inspiring dedication to lifelong learning.

In a moving representation of devotion to long lasting taking in, an Emirati man who's age surpassed 100 years has returned to school. 

The senior national can be seen recounting verse in a classroom with other grown-up understudies. 

Activities for grown-up learning and killing absence of education among the more seasoned populace possess large amounts of the UAE. 

Watch this moving man underneath: 

As indicated by measurements from the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), the ignorance rate among those matured 15 and over achieved 21 percent in 2018, contrasted with the worldwide normal of 13.6%. 


The rate chances further increment in light of the conditions encompassing instruction in certain Arab nations. 

Insights uncover that lack of education among Arab guys achieved 14.6%, while 25.9% of Arab females were unskilled. 

In 2016, the Arab world was home to almost 65 million unskilled people; the raised rate is the aftereffect of early relational unions, broken families and separation, financial hardships, neediness, and joblessness.

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