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12 killed, 170 injured in Saudi Arabia floods

Saudi Arabia says 12 individuals have died and in excess of 170 have been harmed for this present week because of flooding from heavy rain in the northwest. 

The Civil Defense said on Thursday that 10 people died in the zone of Tabuk, one in Medina and another in the Northern Borders district. It didn't state what caused the deaths. 

Civil Defence powers state they protected 271 individuals in the course of recent days, the majority of them in the al-Jawf district that fringes Jordan. A few were likewise saved in Mecca, Tabuk and the Northern Borders locale. 

Heavy rains have overflowed desert valleys and constrained schools to close. The English-dialect Arab News in Saudi Arabia posted video of water immersing a road in the city of Medina, home to one of Islam's holiest destinations. 


Heavy downpours of rain have hit a few territories of Saudi Arabia this week, chiefly in western and northwestern parts of the Kingdom close to its outskirt with Jordan. 

Various boards of trustees have been set up to evaluate the harm brought about by the terrible climate, the organization said. 

Saudi Press Agency reports likewise featured where waste frameworks at focuses around the city of Tabuk had been viable, and that further future works would be completed to enhance the city's seepage amid overwhelming precipitation.

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