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4-year-old Emirati badly burned after family BBQ in UAE

He is currently fighting for his life in a hospital's intensive care unit.

A four-year-old Emirati kid was seriously scorched in the wake of playing with the remaining fuel and consumed charcoal his family had quite recently utilized for a barbecue. 

With 60 percent of his body consumed, he is as of now battling for his life in a clinic's emergency unit. 

A relative of the kid said the family chose to have a grill in their ranch in Al Dhaid. Subsequent to barbecuing a few dishes, they left the consuming charcoal close to the stove. 

While whatever remains of the children were playing at the family estate, the kid figured out how to sneak out of the kids' region and got close to the stove. He found a container of extra fuel and poured it on the charcoal - which promptly set him ablaze. 


The kid was hurried to Al Dhaid healing center and was conceded in the ICU. A source at the healing center said the kid required a fake respiratory framework for some time. 

His family additionally asked for his exchange to a private healing center in another emirate, the source included.

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