5% Decline in Iranian Airports Traffic

Iran Airports Company registered 33,651 takeoffs and landings during the Iranian month ending March 20, 2018, which shows a 5% decline compared with last year’s corresponding period.


Close to 4.07 million passengers and 40,159 tons of cargo were transported during the period, indicating an 8% and 6% year-on-year decline respectively, IAC reported on its website.

As for domestic flights, 27,331 takeoffs and landings were registered, down 5% YOY.

More than 3.17 million passengers and 23,750 tons of goods were transported domestically, indicating a 9% decline in each term over last year’s same period.

On the international front, about 6,320 takeoffs and landings were registered, decreasing 4% YOY.

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