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5 Different Options to Apply for UAE Visa for GCC Residents

No doubt, Dubai (UAE) is the most beautifully developed city in the world as far as the artificial beauty is concerned. You will find a western environment in Arabic style there. I would suggest you visit Dubai (UAE) at least once in your life to see how beautifully they have developed it.

The life you experience there is completely different from the rest of the GCC. I am sure your general perception about Arabs will also be changed after visiting Dubai (UAE). In this article, we shall be discussing the different ways of getting the visit visa of Dubai (UAE).


I have met some people whose online visa Application to apply for UAE visa is rejected and they just drop their plan to visit this beautiful country. People should know that there are total 5 options to apply for UAE Visa for GCC Residents. You can choose either of them

Whatever option you exercise to apply for a UAE Visa, make sure to avoid these reasons for UAE Visa rejection.

or all the nationals of GCC countries, there is no need for a visa to enter in one and another. GCC countries are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman.

They can straight away book a flight and enter to these countries by showing their national identity card. If you belong to any of these countries, you don’t need to show even your Iqama to get Dubai (UAE) on Arrival Visa.

You can also apply for your visit visa of UAE through Manage a Booking option of Emirates Airline website after booking your ticket to Dubai (UAE). In this case, you will have to book a ticket online, apply for a visa online and pay their fee online.

Even if your profession on Iqama is not suitable, you are still eligible to apply for this kind of visa. They only grant a visa for 96 hours if you apply online.

The third option is to apply for eVisa of UAE. This option is available to only GCC residents. They have started issuing visas through this system but there are some flaws in the system.

I would recommend you to go through this link before applying for the eVisa of UAE. Don’t forget to read useful comments from different people who have experienced it. 

The fourth option is to apply for visit visa through the embassy. This is a traditional way and you can get visit visa within a week.

However, in this case, you will have to visit the UAE embassy with a letter from your Kafeel requesting them to issue your visa. They normally issue a visa for 30 days. The cost of this visa is $100/-.

The fifth option is to apply for the visit visa of UAE through a travel agent. They have resources and quotas to arrange this visa. They will charge you around SR 300 per person.

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