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7-day-old baby abandoned at Sharjah mosque

The baby boy was wrapped in clothes and left inside a mosque before the call for the dawn prayer.

A seven-day-old baby was found abandoned inside a mosque in Sharjah. The mosque's Imam found the girl wrapped up in clothes minutes before the call for the dawn prayer on Tuesday.

The Imam immediately called the police, who arrived at the mosque in the Nazawi area and rushed the baby girl to Al Dhaid Hospital. According to the police, the baby is in a good health condition.

"The hospital team will take care of her for a week before handing her over to the Child Protection Centre affiliated to the Sharjah Social Services," a police official said. "We have launched an investigation to trace her parents."

This is the second baby to have been abandoned in a mosque in Sharjah this year. A three-day-old baby was found abandoned in a mosque in Al Shawkah area, on the Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah border. The baby boy was wrapped in clothes and left inside a box.

Though the number of such cases have declined over the years, they are still reported as parents try to avoid the legal repercussions of having babies out of wedlock.


Unwanted and abandoned  

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