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8 Expats get death penalty for armed robbery in UAE

The police found their fingerprints and identified the perpetrators.

The Criminal Court of Sharjah awarded death sentence to eight men for armed robbery at a money exchange center in Sharjah.

The court accused the African nationals of armed robbery, public assault and seizing money by force, Emarat Al Youm reported.

Another defendant was also sentenced in the same case with six months in prison and deportation for possession of stolen money.


The accused denied the charges against him and said that one of the accusers' brother asked him to transfer Dh60,000 to his overseas account.

It was reported that some of the accusers confessed to their crime while some denied the charges against them.

According to the police's investigation, they checked the surveillance cameras and found fingerprints to identify the perpetrators. They were caught and admitted to their crime to the police.

One of the defendants returned part of the stolen money.

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